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Theology That Sticks

Hymn-writer and experienced pastor Chris Anderson unpacks God’s amazing gift of music and the role it can play in the life of every Christian. Theology That Sticks is an accessible, intentionally positive look at what Scripture says about the kinds of songs Christians should sing. It’s also packed with extras, including small-group discussion questions!

What we sing matters.

This book considers what Scripture says about the kinds of songs Christians should sing and helps believers choose them intentionally and objectively.

Packed with Features

Theology That Sticks includes 12 chapters exploring principles for Christian song selection. It's also stuffed with extras and full of practical wisdom!

“Grace Notes”

Reflection and discussion questions for group and class study

Tips & Ideas

Seasoned advice for hymn-writers, musicians, and tech teams

“Bonus Tracks”

Appendix with compelling quotes about singing and hymns

Song Lists

Curated topical lists of new and old hymns for public or private use

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“Music is a gift from God and a powerful force for good. As a pastor, father, and Christian, I want to help believers make better music choices. Let’s sing intentionally!”
Chris Anderson
Meet the Author

Chris Anderson

In many ways, Chris Anderson was born to write this book. From the halls of his childhood home to the halls of the churches he pastored for 25 years, Chris has experienced the life-changing power of Christian music.

Chris is an author, church-planter, pastor, hymn-writer, and all-around music junkie. And he brings all of these experiences to the table in Theology That Sticks. He’s written more than 30 hymns including “His Robes for Mine,” all meant to stir believers and churches to love and devotion for Christ.

Currently, Chris travels as Senior VP for Global Opportunities with Biblical Ministries Worldwide preaching, teaching, recruiting, and championing the cause of the Great Commission wherever and however he can.

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Hymns Are Powerful

Our doctrinal beliefs are not only expressed by the songs we sing, but they are shaped by the songs we sing. Theology That Sticks offers a biblical “grid” for selecting songs for church and personal worship.

A thoughtful compendium of biblical reasons why the teaching of sound doctrine through hymns is so vital to the life and well-being of the church.

—John MacArthur


Here’s what other pastors and musicians are saying about Theology That Sticks

“If there is one message this generation needs to hear, it is precisely the message of this book: It matters what we sing!”
Conrad Mbewe
“Great hymns make our theology sing. This book will be a help to all who want to seriously consider this well-deserved subject.”
Matt Boswell
“Chris’ anecdotes are witty, his research thorough, and his insights invaluable. Read this book—from start to finish, you’ll enjoy every moment.”
Molly Ijames
“Chris has given the church a thorough, theologically rich resource for recovering the glorious place of song in our worship gatherings.”
Steve Green
“Packed with a plethora of insightful quotes and loaded with lists of hymns in every category imaginable, this volume is one I wish every pastor, church music leader, and believer would read.”
Matt Merker
“I have found a resource that I will reach for first on the topic of worship. Chris has skillfully culled works on this topic—past and present—and has produced a winsome yet meaty work that is now my favorite.”
Jim Newcomer
“It’s an unmistakable message that’s pastoral, winsome, and direct: What we sing about God is eternally important.”
Dan Kreider
“A thoughtful book bristling with biblical guidance designed to help Christians worship God with theological depth and power.”
Milton Vincent

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  • Reflection and discussion questions (“Grace Notes”) for group and class study
  • Hundreds of compelling quotes about singing and hymns
  • Seasoned advice for hymn-writers, worship leaders, accompanists, and AV

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